Five chic and ultra-modern workstation concepts for your office space

Gone are the days when a workstation used to feature a standalone wooden desk and chair with no connection to the rest of the room. Times have changed now and the more modern workstation concepts feature sleeker, more functional designs that would literally invite you to work more. Here are 5 such workstation concepts every office would want to die for.

The Flower Bud

The Flower Bud

This modernistic adjustable workstation concept combines architectural excellence and ergonomics to offer a very comfortable work zone for individuals. The workstation features fibre glass seats that are available in several fashionable colours and a closed working space that lets you work in utmost privacy. The two sections can then slide together to form a closed shell when not in use.

The Swiss Table Office Workstation

The Swiss Table Office Workstation by Brazilian designer Paulo

Designed by Brazilian designer Paulo, the Swiss Table Office Workstation takes after the traditional Swiss cheese which can be sliced into different portions. The round shaped table looks like a single unit. However, it can be sliced up to reveal individual workstations that can be moved around anywhere. These portable workstations can be used to hold files, laptops and notebooks. When non in use, they can be slid back to form a closed table again.

Roll on – Roll Off Workstation

Roll on – Roll Off Workstation

This futuristic workstation features an ergonomic design that would surely make your eyes pop. The workstation comprises of a curved seating area that comes with adjustable pillow like shelves. A curved metal frame attached to the top of the seat holds the computer monitor while the keyboard and mouse can be placed on the shelves below. Set at ground level, this workstation would give you the perfect setting to work and relax at the same area instead of having to move away from the work space to get some rest.

The Ultimate Workstation

The Ultimate Workstation from MWE Lab

This workstation concept from MWE Lab takes the cake when it comes to a workstation that blends style and functionality seamlessly. The workstation comes with an adjustable leather chair as well as a scorpion inspired frame. It also features an integrated audio system, LED lights, a touch screen control system and room for three different computer monitors (27 inches).

Workstation Concept by Lucas Vieira Coffee Office

Workstation Concept by Lucas Vieira Coffee Office

Here’s another workstation concept that ensures maximum productivity while taking up minimal office space. The design features a cubicle which can be split into two halves. While one half would house the computer and other work related accessories, the other half would come with a seat as well as a provision to place a coffee/tea mug. The closed space offers utmost privacy while working and the cubicle can be closed up afterwards to minimize space usage.


Skip the traditional wooden table and chair for your office and opt for a more modern, ergonomic design like the ones mentioned in this list. These space saving, ultra comfortable and highly functional workstation designs would definitely increase your productivity for sure.

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