Imaginary Images of this Universe produced from Scanning items for your home and Food by Navid Baraty

wander space probe (1)

Planet – base of the glass containing half and half, liquid, meals coloring. Moons – base of the glass containing coconut milk, liquid, meals coloring. Stars – sodium, cinnamon, baking dust, tums

wander room probe (2)

Black opening – base of the glass of coffee, salt, sugar, corn starch, cinnamon

wander space probe (3)

Planet – bottom of a glass containing half and half, liquid, meals color. Stars – sodium, cinnamon, cooking powder

wander space probe (4)

Nebula – makeup products, essential olive oil, chalk, baby dust, salt, water

wander area probe (5)

Nebula with gasoline channels – cat fur, garlic powder, salt, flour, cumin, turmeric

wander space probe (6)

Distant galaxy – olive oil, sesame oil, water, cumin, cinnamon, flour

wander space probe (7)

Spiral galaxy – cooking soda, curry powder, chalk, salt, sugar, cinnamon

Perhaps you have left the lid of a scanner available to realize that the background of your picture ended up being rendered black in the place of white? That, essentially, had been the impetus behind professional photographer Navid Baraty’s newest project WANDER area Probe. Utilizing an Epson photo scanner, Baraty carefully positions numerous household items, many of which tend to be edible, regarding the document table.

Cooking components like cooking soda, sugar and cinnamon work as remote movie stars and nebulas while eyeglasses containing milk, sustenance and water coloring produce the planets. Once all things are aligned properly Baraty strikes the scan button. The professional photographer defines their task as “Cosmic explorations of an imaginary space probe.” You can follow Baraty’s imaginary area probe and its own adventures into depths of unknown on Facebook and Instagram. (via My Contemporary Met)

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