Farmer father along with his son develop Transformers from scrap steel and work out $160K a year attempting to sell them

A father-and-son staff in southeastern Asia have started generating enormous recycled Transformer robot sculptures from scrap automobile components that they’ve already been attempting to sell for more than 1 million yuan (more than $160,000) a-year.

The Transformers team is hugely successful in China, therefore Yu Zhilin, who’s a farmer but possesses background in good arts, decided to start generating robot statues from free vehicle components during his free time. 36 months later, he completed their first recycled sculpture along with his boy Lu Yingyun, and the statues only got larger from there. Today their enormous Optimus Prime and Bumblebee sculptures, assembled in the makeshift workshop, went viral!

Transformers such as these are often purchased up and proudly exhibited in malls throughout China, which group isn’t alone producing such replicas.

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