Ever-Lasting Charm: DIY Paper Flowers for Your Home

Everyone loves flowers. There’s nothing better than coming home to a beautiful bunch of flowers that help to brighten up a room that will put an instant smile on your face. Unfortunately, as time goes by those beautiful flowers you have sitting in your kitchen will start to wilt and die leaving you with no option, but to throw them away. It doesn’t have to be that way though. Now you can have ever-lasting flowers in your home with these pretty paper flower designs.

1. Modern Rolled Flower

Paper Flower

If you want to create an easy design that will be quick to make, then this design by The Casual Craftlete is the perfect solution. This will make the ideal centrepiece in your home and can be made from whatever supplies you have available. What a delight this will look like when it’s finished in your home.

2. Cupcake Paper Flower

Cupcake Paper Flower


If you love cupcakes and flowers, then you’re going to love this paper flower design we have in store for you. This design will also be a fun project that you and your children can get involved with without having to worry about watering them. Check out Skip to My Lou for a design by Lia Griffiths to make your own.

3. A Beautiful Rose



Dried Petals


For an ever-lasting rose flower that will keep on giving you can make this beautiful design by We Lived Happily Ever After. The process might be a bit more difficult, but the end result of a realistic looking rose will certainly be worth it.

4. Watercolour Flowers

Watercolour Flowers

Watercolour Flowers

Add some beauty and colour to your home that will last a lifetime with this pretty display of watercolour flowers by Love Grows Wild. No water or maintenance required.

5. Daffodil Wreath




What better way to have daffodils that last a lifetime then by making your own paper daffodil wreath? This design is perfect for children too as they will love creating this delightful display. To make your own, check out Classic Play.

6. Coffee Flower Filter

Coffee Flowers

Coffee Flowers

Coffee Flowers

To make your own colourful flower display why not make use of your coffee filers to do the job? Check out Doodle Craft to make your own bright display that will add colour to any room.

7. Paper Orchid



Usually orchids can be difficult flowers to look after, but you no longer have to worry about that with your very own paper orchid flower. To make this stunning flower for your home, check out Lia Griffiths for your handy tutorial.

8. Paper Dahlia Wreath




Paper dahlia wreaths have been a popular item for a number of years and there’s a reason for that: they make such stunning displays. To make your own, check out Love Pomegranate House for a step-by-step guide.

9. Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue Paper Flowers

This design from We Can Make Anything uses tissue paper instead of crepe paper making it more affordable and easy to make. Check out the website for moving gifs which make this design super easy to follow.

10. Book Flowers

Book Flowers

Book Flowers

These book flowers are adorable and will make the perfect addition to any household. Add a bit of charm to your home with these flowers from Tiny Painter.