Dubai ‘Torch’ Tower Catches Fire, Extinguished with No Deaths

torch tower fires

A multistory fire raged within the part of the 1,105-foot skyscraper last night, among tallest in Dubai, exacerbated by high winds and casting molten cup and charred masonry from the so-called Torch tower right down to the floor the following. A few people had been addressed on the scene for small accidents and smoke inhalation but no serious casualties are reported.

torch creating fire dubai

The blaze seems to have begun round the 50th floor at 2 are local time before progressing within the region of the building and ultimately igniting other areas regarding the facade because of windswept debris – arson isn’t suspected at this time. Remarkably, firefighters managed to get the fire fairly rapidly and put from inferno in just a matter of hours despite unfavorable circumstances.

Residence to over 600 residential units, occupants associated with Marina Torch are being temporarily relocated  by its building managers (Kingfield Owner Association administration providers) while harm is assessed. Currently it’s not specific when, how or even whether or not the framework will likely be restored.

dubai torch building before

Whilst not uncommon historically, skyscraper fires (especially serious people) can be unusual today, particularly in developed nations where rigid building codes and appropriate material usage assists mitigate their particular risk. Usually these are typically triggered either during construction or because of considerable outside factors, such airplane crashes (intentional but in addition accidental) or earthquakes. Photos via the AP, EPA, Reuters and WikiMedia.

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