Design Revolution Sweeps the Auto Industry

Ford motors have designed new and specially designed cars that have given a break through invention to the auto industry in the world. Mr Tallio who is a senior engineer in Ford has taken part in the vehicle revolution. Manufacturers have started designing new and advanced car designs with the help of new tools, computer aided technologies and creativity. Because of the newly founded design ideas, more and more and more innovative car designs are being made which showcase the best in performance, fuel efficiency and looks. Vehicles included in this are personal owner cars, buses, motorcycles and trucks.


Cars made better with computers

Cars are being made with the help of computer run technology and this process is definitely helping car manufactures to do ample amount of invention. Previously car manufacturers were apprehensive of building new cars because they were scared that it could be a costly failure. But today because of the advent of computers and technology, they have taken a step ahead to build new cars.

Engineers are altering designs, and revising the mechanism of car with the help of computers. The first car among the lot which was in the experiment was Ford. It took end number of days for the experiment where, there were lots of permutation and combinations.

Ford – the leader in change

Ford came up with the first Ford explorer in 2010. This is a sports utility vehicle. The SUV was seen to have some problems with the Brake Rotor. Because of updated computers and innovative gadgets, the break was soon replaced within a week of time and the car was launched. It is now one of the most wanted cars.

Ford would be introducing a new designed car with 1.5 liters, four cylinder engines, in China this year. This was developed by designers keeping in mind fuel efficiency. The larger engine will be powerful while the smaller engine will permit drivers to avoid a luxurious tax penalty on larger engines.

Nowadays various models of cars are being designed keeping in mind the reduction in cost. Cars have been made more aerodynamic with better efficiency, and better interiors. Every car is digitally tested and designed before they are launched in the market.

The advent of computers has definitely helped cars to be designed better. Now performance, cost and fuel efficiency is better. There are various functions that can be found in a vehicle today.


Newer and updated technologies have been designing various kinds of car models that has improved efficiency, reduced fuel consumption and definitely more cheap.

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