Crochet Girls Hat and Dress Set – Tutorial and Guide

To look at this dress, it’s almost impossible to believe that it’s the result of a simple DIY home craft project you could have a go at right now! But that’s exactly what it is, not to mention one of our all-time favorite little-girls’ dresses that needs not a great deal more than a few balls of yarn and crochet hooks to whip up!

crochet girls dress hat set F Crochet Girls Hat and Dress Set Tutorial and Guide

A dress like this one can make every day of the year fell like the first day of summer! The beautiful combination of green and white works so well with those pretty daisy details, it’s 100% guaranteed to become that special little lady’s new favorite dress! And just to make the deal even sweeter, how about throwing in a matching hat at the same time? Beautifully crocheted and with matching daisy detailing, there’s just nothing on the shelves of even the fanciest designer stores that comes close to matching the sweetness of this little set!

You’ll find this paid pattern over at Etsy ($7) using the link below and you can trust us when we say it’s more than worth paying for! You’d have to spend a small fortune to take home a dress even 5% as nice as this one from a store, but of course it wouldn’t be a dress with real affection in every stitch!

Whether it’s for your own little girl or any other special little lady in your life, this is a truly amazing home project you’ll enjoy from beginning to end. Just arm yourself with the pattern, grab a few balls of yarn and see where your talents take you – chances are you’ll be surprised!

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For those looking for more inspiration, we have a collection of 16 gorgeous crochet girls dresses. Like these below.

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