Creative and exotic sofas to give a twist to your home décor

Sofa is the key furniture of your drawing and living room. The beauty of an entire room depends only on this one piece of furniture. An unsuitable sofa can mar the look of your home but a well-chosen one can uplift the interior décor. Time has changed and with it the designs of sofas have also changed.

Behind the Wall Sofa1

Nowadays, furniture designers are coming up with brilliant innovative designs of sofas that will complement the rest of your home and create an ambience of luxury. While choosing a sofa always keep to factors in mind, comfort and style. You can now buy some urban, chic and exotic looking sofas at moderate prices. In the following, we have listed some of the most creative sofa designs.

Lips Shaped Sofa, Salvador Dali

Lips Shaped Sofa:

If you have a wacky sense of style and love the works of Salvador Dali then the lip shaped sofas are for you. Designed by Dali and Oscar Tusquets in the 70s and manufactured by Bocca, the Lips Shaped Sofa is available in various colors like fuchsia pink and black. This sofa can give your drawing or living room an instant makeover. Interior designers use it for breaking the monotony of room decors.

Sitscape Sofa

Sitscape Sofa:

The sitscape sofas are perfect for long halls and big drawing rooms. It is around 6 meters long and has to be kept by the wall of the room. The best thing about this sofa is that it lets you sit in many different postures and even you can rest your back comfortably by lying on your back. It is meant to be the ultimate sitting station in your home, which offers all sorts of sitting comfort.

Behind the Wall Sofa

Behind the Wall Sofa:

A glance at this sofa will make you doubt its functionality. The truth is that you can use this sofa in two different manners. It acts like a room divider and two-way sofa. You can sit from two sides on this sofa.

Scrubbing Brush Sofa

Scrubbing Brush Sofa:

The scrubbing brush sofa is very comfortable though it looks funny. It has several bristles. When you sit or lie on the sofa the bristles give you a relaxing rub and comfort the sore muscles.

Flexible Sofa

Flexible Sofa:

This sofa is made of wood and paper but still it is very sturdy and can bear your weight easily. You have to expand the sofa for making room for other family members. The honeycomb structure makes it capable of bearing heavy weight.


Choose creative and stylish sofas for your home and upgrade the décor. Sofas should provide comfort and at the same time look stunning.

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