Craziest hat designs ever

People are using hats to make bold, fashion statements nowadays. Here is a list of some the craziest, weirdest, boldest and sometimes beautiful hat designs that we have ever seen.


Craziest hat designs ever

Hats are more than accessories to keep out the sun out of your eyes nowadays. People use it as a fashion statement or a fun accessory. You can either be bold with them or make a very quirky style statement with it. Whatever it may be, always make sure it matches your outfit!

  • The Toilet in your hat – We loved the colour and we loved the massive size of this hat. The toilet we have some reservations about. But that is exactly why this hat made it to this list!


  • The Cocktail Hat – We loved how she has matched her outfit with her hat. If you like your drink so much that you wear it on your head and top it with flowers, then go for this one !


  • Your hand-amidst-feathers hat –  If you think the double decked feathers are not weird enough, then you haven’t noticed the hand emerging out of the feathers yet! The hat has been designed to match the wearer’s dress and looks like it is her own hand atop that head. This one is borderline whacky and gives us the jitters.


  • The Black Swan Hat – Yes, we loved the Black Swan and we also appreciate the creature, beautiful and black with that magnificent beak. But then to wear it on your head? That would definitely make you feature on this list.


  • The Ashtray Hat – This one looks like a cigarette has been stubbed right you’re your hat and head. And yes, it is designed to do just that. Whacky and creative.


  • The Couch Hat – If the glaring colours are not enough. When you look in close, you see that it is a couch in yellow and purple on that hat. This one sure looks heavy for a hat.


  • My Horse Died Funeral Hat – If you loved your horse and it just died, wear it on the funeral to express your love on the funeral. Not sure if the horse would love to see how it met its death or a more cheerful depiction of how it was when it was alive. Nonetheless, this one sends out the message loud and clear Rest In Peace .

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