Coop Trends: Cute and Colorful Knitted Chicken Sweaters

What started out as a necessity soon morphed into a hot trend that seems to have currently gripped chicken owners in the UK – knitted chicken sweaters! The idea was initially crafted by the likes of Ann Duran and Nicola Congdon to make sure that the rescued battery hens could survive the winter chill. But crafty homeowners have now joined in on the trend and you are starting to see hens strut in style this winter thanks to a multitude of adorable knitted sweaters!

Fashionable Knitted Chicken Sweaters Coop Trends: Cute and Colorful Knitted Chicken Sweaters

Get In On The Trend!

Obviously you can get your free pattern for the knitted chicken sweater and get started right away and you will soon start experimenting with styles, colors and patterns. These jumpers do not demand a great deal of skill beyond a normal DIY knitting project and if knitting is your thing, then you will soon start absolutely loving the idea! All you need is double knitting yarn, a few buttons, 4mm crochet hook and knitting needles to get started.

Give your hens a winter wardrobe upgrade with knitted sweaters Coop Trends: Cute and Colorful Knitted Chicken Sweaters

Cute and colorful knitted chicke sweater

DIY Knitted Chicken Sweaters

Free Pattern for cool Knitted Chicken Sweaters

Knitted Chicken Sweaters

All for a Good Cause

You can also give the cabled chicken sweater a try and in case you do not fancy all the knitting, then maybe you would be interested in ordering one home from Nicola Congdon in Cornwall. Your order would not only improve the style quotient of the flock, but help improve the life of AIDS orphans in South Africa as well!

Chickens in Knitted Jumpers

Rescued chickens dressed up in jumpers

Knitted jumper for your hen

Knitting DIY jumpers for chicken

DIY jumpers for hens

Safe & Stylish!

Of course, keeping a constant check on your hens as they walk around sporting their new look is a good idea and experts suggest that healthy hens do not really need too much extra protection even during winters. So, find that right balance between style and practicality as you get in on this hot new trend!

Add some color to the flock with DIY knitted sweaters

Warm hand-knitted chicken sweater

Chicken sweaters in multiple colors - DIY Project

Homemade hen sweaters

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