Contemporary and Unique Clock Designs

Among several inventions of human beings, a clock is one of the oldest ones that also serves as a beautiful wall decorating piece. However, it seems like people have forgotten this cool device. To all of you who have perhaps missed or undermined a clock to be the part of your home décor, we have brought these six designs, which are unique and deserve your attention. All of them will definitely add more to the modern appearance of your living room wall. Check out this list of clocks wherein each image will speak more than the words underneath.

Sundial Clock

Sundial Clock:

The Sundial Clock has a unique design and the circular metal disk of the clock holds all twelve numbers to the surface perpendicularly. The numbers appear when their shadows are cast on to the painted white base. It appears like simple, parallel lines when viewed straight, and overlapping numbers are visible when viewed from the side. Thus, this unique clock design gives a classy and modern appearance to your home.

Little Time clock

Little Time:

The numbers on Little Time clock are represented in a microscopic size, hence the name. Both the hour and minute hands of the clock feature magnifying lenses, enlarging the numbers as they pass over them thereby making them not only evident and readable but also bringing attention to the current hour.


Eyes Clock has rolling eyes

Eyes Clock:

Eyes Clock has rolling eyes that really roll around as time beats on. It tells the time in a new way with its rotating pupils. The left eye displays the hours while the right gives the minutes. The digitalized display is easy on your own eyes making this ideal to use in home or office. The eyes clock is really an ideal one that not only shows you time but also it is a great fun to have such a clock at your home.

11+ World Clock

11+ World Clock:

11+ World Clock is a contemporary clock designed by Korean design studio 11+, which allows you to keep track of the time in 24 different time zones around the world. The 11+ World Clock has a cylindrical design and it sits on its circular edge, with the clock face on one of the flat sides. Names of 24 time zones are printed around the cylindrical body, out of which two for each number on the dial to correspond with the 24-hour clock. Additionally, cities with a 12-hour time difference are coupled, consequently London sits with Auckland, and New York goes with Bangkok.


Contemporary clock designs have replaced the classic clock designs. Modern clock designs are just about telling right time but also serve as a decorating accessory for your home. All designs mentioned in the article are unique and classy that one can use to modernize or to add a spark to your home.

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