Concepts intend to keep the supply of water fresh for the future

Water is a necessity of life not just for humans but also for all the living beings on earth. Shortage or lack of clean water leads to problems, diseases or even deaths. Industrialization has brought a fair share of both development and its side effects, and one of the major side effects is water pollution. If we do not foresee this problem now and find solutions, there is a possibility that future generation would be deprived of clean drinking water. The following innovative ideas and concepts aim to make clean water available to the future generations as well:

Dropnet fog collector

Dropnet fog collector

As the name suggests, it is a tent like design made of net. It absorbs water from fog and turns it into clean drinking water. Its design is versatile and can be placed on slopes and on a flat surface. The design claims to produce 10-20 liters of clean water a day.

Flying water catcher

Flying water catcher

The concept presents the idea of collecting rain water and then purifying it. It is an automated device with two parts. One is the purifying tray and the second is the flying catchers, which are in the shape of balls. Once the raindrops are collected in the balls, they return to the trays for purification and providing clean drinking water.

Hope tree

hope tree

It is a device in a shape of a big tree, designed for use in the tropical desert areas. It absorbs moisture from the air and converts it into clean water. There is a storage tank at the bottom of the tree where water gets collected.

Water recycling showers


Water recycling showers_4

This is an extremely advanced and efficient shower. It saves up to 90% of the water consumption by recycling it side by side, as you shower. The technology is such that it recycles the water and filters it three times making it clean water. In addition to that, it also saves energy up to 70% because it circulates the same water, which is warm already, thus preventing heating it again.


There are lot of innovative ideas and designs that humankind has developed and still is developing to provide clean water for our future. Almost all the designs are cost effective and great. By 2050 our population is expected to increase heavily, and to cater and to deal with the coming situation we need more of such concepts.

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