Centre du Mouvement Écologique – Ecological Center – MECO by STEINMETZDEMEYER architectes urbanistes

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The brand new building of œCentre du Mouvement ‰cologique” satisfies the power requirements of the mixed-use building referred to as œpassive”.

That old structure, having really serious problems with security, moisture and of good use area capability, has been changed by a brand-new building, excellent because of its responses to concerns and concerns raised by sustainable development. Consequently, your decision ended up being meant to erect a structure, abiding by ecological and power values needed for the environmental surroundings.

STDM_Second floor_A4.eps

STDM_First floor_A4.eps

Picking a building materials, the building itself, the strategies and facilities create consider a number of parameters created in sentences relating to environmentalism, energy, security and outdoor design. This brand new building, virtually totally made from solid wood, which only resorts to armored cement strategies where strictly necessary (escape stairwells and subsurface premises) or even steel building for very long covers, is a pilot task for administrative buildings.

beside the elementary school in Pfaffenthal neighborhood, rue Vauban, the œCentre du Mouvement ‰cologique” (environmental Center), referred to as œMECO”, was at dilapidated frameworks, worth of no interest, neither as built history, nor as architectural component of urban textile.

STDM_Section D-D_A4.eps

STDM_Elevation 2_A4.eps

STDM_Elevation 1_A4

STDM_Site plan_A4.eps

Different in one flooring to another, the complex company of the œCentre du Mouvement écologique” gets collected right into a sober building of free and flexible platforms (available area). Each area is partitioned and fitted in accordance with the particular needs of the various departments and jobs becoming managed.


STDM_Ground floor_A4

STDM_Section F-F_A4.eps

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