Publications and Computer Manuals converted into Crystallized Sculptures by Alexis Arnold



To Kill A Mockingbird







It’s turned into a fairly common picture: bins of discarded books, abandoned regarding the sidewalk. Due to the start of electronic writing to handheld devices, actual books have become less crucial. Struck by scenes of shuttered bookstores and books rendered as trash, San Francisco-based musician Alexis Arnold embarked on the Crystallized publications project.

By combining borax crystals with weathered publications, magazines and computer guides Arnold develops all of them into splendidly natural kinds that become artifacts or geological specimens. “The publications, frozen with crystal development, have grown to be… imbued because of the reputation for time, use, and nostalgia,” claims Arnold. In picking books to make into visual, non-functional objects Arnold disclosed that she attempts to make use of discovered publications. But she’s going to often buy titles, or usage books from her very own collection if she finds all of them conceptually proper. (via The Creators Venture)


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