Leading design: glass roofing tiles capture solar power to warm your house during wintertime.

SolTech Energy, a Swedish company selling solutions for clean solar powered energy, has developed a distinctive warming system included within roofing tiles made out of ordinary transparent glass. The attractive house-warming tiles (significantly ironically) offer glass roof an attractive, icy look rather unlike other things we’ve ever seen before.

In 2009, the SolTech Energy System was chosen by way of a jury and nominated among nine once the year’s “Hottest brand new information.” Centered on ballots by the people, the company’s cup tiles were granted with a silver medal from the North Building Fair, Nordbygg. “The winning entry combines a stylish design with essential features for clean and renewable energy. It’s an revolutionary product which is really over time,“ said the chairman of jury, PhD. Bengt Toolanen.

So what helps make the system so unique and award worthy? To begin with, the tiles are made from ordinary glass and now have comparable body weight as those made of clay. Subsequently, the device doesn’t, like rivals’ versions, temperature up water or cleaner pipelines, but clean air. The tiles tend to be set up over a black colored nylon fabric, under which environment slots are mounted. The black colour absorbs heat from sunshine additionally the environment starts to circulate. The hot-air is then always heat up up water, which will be connected to the house’s heating system via an accumulator. The beauty of the machine usually it cuts energy prices throughout the year, during dark winter days including nighttime, due to its capacity to store heat inside separating layers of atmosphere underneath the canvas.

In an initial research stage the organization collaborated because of the Swedish glass mill Orrefors to produce the tiles. These days they’re industrially manufactured in Portugal, but constructed on the exact same Swedish design.

The SolTech Energy program creates about 350 kWh heat per square meter (10 square ft), based environment, position for the roof and cardinal direction. For additional technical information, check out SolTech Energy’s webpage.


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