Artist Ekaterina Panikanova Evokes Nostalgia with Painted Grids

Celestial phenomena, 2014, books, wood, nails, ink, acrylic, cm210x260.

Impersonal verbs, 2014, books, wood, nails, ink, acrylic, cm 130×110; In my garden flowered a rose, 2014, books, nails, wood, inks, acrylic, cm 210×150.

Box n°86, 2014. Books, inks, wood panel, nails, ink, acrylic, cm 76,5×55.

Untitled, 2014. Old and vintage books, inks, nails on wood panel, cm 200×143.

Pars particularis, 2014, books, wood, nails, ink, acrylic, cm 140×120; Aux sages-femmes, 2014, books, wood, nails, ink, acrylic, cm 130×110.

Errata Corrige #2234, 2013. Vintage book, inks, nails on wood panel; cm 130×110. Private Collection.

Artist Ekaterina Panikanova creates amazing works of art on an unusual medium: grids of old, paper back books. In the age of everything digital, Ekatering pays homage to a time when books were read on paper and painting was done on canvas. The grids of books and newpapers act as facets and puzzle pieces that form a cohesive work of art. She evokes images of old memories and nostalgia, painting things like birds, clothing, and nature. Take a further look at her exhibitions: Ekaterina Panikanova.

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