Architectural Fiction: 35 Impossibly unique Structures

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Unbound by gravity, the need for structural soundness or any sense of real-world aesthetics, design becomes such as for instance a life type of unique, multiplying and mutating in unusual and unsettling techniques. These imaginary architectural assemblages explore not likely designs that are only possible with electronic art and image manipulation.

Unique Frameworks by Matthias Jung

fantasy structure jung 1

fantasy structure jung 2

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The architectural projects of Matthias Jung appear to inhabit a fairytale realm where gravity doesn’t apply, raising Brutalist tangible frameworks on little stilts, floating stained glass windows like balloons and untethering some from planet entirely. Some designs, however, appear to be they might really take some concealed rural meadow in Europe in which aging nation homes are in fact topped with sheep-dotted mountains. Jung is really a German-based visual fashion designer just who relates to his unusual photo collages as “architectural short poems.”

Imaginary Architecture by Victor Enrich

fantasy design enrich 1

fantasy structure enrich 2

fantasy architecture enrich 3

fantasy design enrich 4

fantasy structure enrich 5

Victor Enrich’s ‘architecture gone crazy‘ twists, bends and turns, splitting along the middle just as if the structures are increasingly being unzipped or appearing to disassemble before our eyes. Balconies become huge slides leading down seriously to the road, staircases meander off to the sky and specific flats stretch-out of their building toward the sunlight like leaves for a plant. The Barcelona-born designer travels the planet and takes photographs of towns, digitally manipulating them for outcomes that will typically be impossible inside real-world.

“Once the object is plumped for, it is shot coming from a point very easy to recognize by people, maybe not pretending to ultimately achieve the best photo previously, but alternatively, a picture that anybody could do. The shot may be the basis to generate a replica of building through the use of really detail by detail photogrammetric practices that end using creation of a three-dimensional model that meets virtually completely in to the image.”

Jim Kazanjian

fantasy design kazanjian 1

fantasy structure kazanjian 2

fantasy design kazanjian 4

fantasy architecture kazanjian 5

fantasy design kazanjian 6

Shadowy passages and strange interiors from scary movies like Shining and the fiction of H.P. Lovecraft tinge the disorienting and disquieting work of Portland-based photographer Jim Kazanjian, who’s prompted by “our built-in anxieties about isolation and vulnerability.” Kazanjian attracts on their knowledge as being a CGI musician working on games to generate these ‘hyper-collages,’ cobbling collectively images of buildings, sinkholes and foggy surroundings from an archive of over 30,000 photographs.

“My fascination with gaming comes from my fascination with architecture as well as its possible to generate narrative structures,” claims the singer. “My time in online game development has positively informed my photographic work. I realize that the immersive qualities in both mediums possess a strong correlation.”

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Architectural Fiction 35 unique Fantasy Structures

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Failed:There are no words in your article!

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