Apartment Eixample by Adrian Elizalde

To start with, the apartment presented a decayed and dark picture due to the extortionate subdivided rooms, with different layers of products and installments that had overlaid through the years and had blurred the initial design.

The primary activity taken was a selective ˜defoliation™ of the many layers to attain the traditional building elements as: sidewalks, ceramic vaulted ceilings, metallic beams and initial wood joinery.



The latest products included, though clearly contemporary, discuss harmoniously with theold, resulting in its totality a unity and classic picture.

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The project gift suggestions the renovation of a apartment situated in a building online dating type 1930 when you look at the ˜Eixample™, Barcelona.

We simplified the circulation to acquire larger and brighter rooms. The most important part may be the dining area, one’s heart of apartment where there’s a dining table of 3.10 meters very long plus workbench of 5.20 meters across the wall, which operates as seating, rack, space for storing, etc. This original table when you look at the apartment positioned between the family room, master bedroom and home gathers all the tasks associated with apartment, acting being a study dining table, table, place linked to particular jobs inside kitchen, etc.


To boost sun light and present homogeneity towards the task we painted the complete apartment in white enhancing the tiled flooring and its particular tints.



The intervention seeks to focus on the trail of time, redrawing the original structure associated with the Eixample. It aims to make the maximum profit of everything we discovered, wanting to fix the best number of pieces.

We created interior boundaries generate various areas with large openings placed to diffuse the sense of confinement. Predicated on a sliding home system, we are able to transform the room to produce the necessary privacy, higher intimacy or, increase the space. The doors, which slide noticeable, develop a dynamic structure of this limitations.


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