Early Trees: Beth Moon’s 14-Year Quest to Photograph the World’s Most Proud Trees

Heart of the Dragon

Criss crossing the world with stops on nearly every continent, San Francisco-based photographer Beth Moon spent the last 14 years seeking out a number of the biggest, rarest, and oldest trees on Earth to get along with her camera. Moon develops her exhibit prints with a platinum/palladium procedure, an incredibly labor intensive and uncommon practice resulting in prints with enormous tonal range which are long-lasting enough to equal the longitivity of her subjects, possibly lasting tens of thousands of years. Moon’s accumulated work of 60 duotone prints were recently printed in a brand new novel titled Ancient Trees: Portraits of Time. From Abbeville Press:

This fine volume shows sixty as full page duotone plates.

Moon is focusing on a brand new chain of trees photographed by starlight called Diamond Nights. (via Huffington Post)

Avenue of the Baobabs

Bowthorpe Oak copy

Bufflesdrift Baobab 2-2 copy

Croft Chestnut 1 copy

Desert Rose (Wadi Fa Lang) copy


Sentinels Neg 2014

Wakehurst Yews

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