An Immersive Digitally-Controlled installing of 2,300 Suspended plants by Japanese Art Collective teamLab

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At this time on show in Tokyo is “Floating Flower outdoors,” an immersive, interactive installing of blossoming plant life. Site visitors enter a-room full of floating plants. But as you approach them the plants increase into the environment, creating an air bubble within the thick woodland. Numerous visitors can move through the set up at the same time as plants move away from them and surround all of them. “within interactive floating rose yard people tend to be immersed in blossoms, and become entirely one aided by the yard itself.” Think about it as Rain area but with plants.

Drifting Flower outdoors may be the most recent installation by TeamLab, a Japanese art group of “ultra-technologists” lead by Toshiyuki Inoko. They’re presently staging a large-scale retrospective of just work at Miraikan in Tokyo. The show is so preferred that it got extended for 2 months and this piece was put in as an encore. It’s at this time on view, along with the remaining program, through May 1, 2015.

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