An Embroidery of Voids: A unique Journey through Alleyways and slim rooms by Daniel Crooks

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Wanting to describe this quick movie by musician Daniel Crooks (formerly) is a little difficult, but when you start seeing you’ll obtain the concept. Crooks filmed narrow passages, alleys, along with other nooks and crannies he stitched together into this seemingly countless corridor. Be sure to turn-up the quantity or put on some earphones, Byron Scullin‘s noise design adds a completely different dimension. The piece was initially commissioned by Silvia and Michael Kantor for National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.

The video embedded let me reveal courtesy Anna Schwartz Gallery, and you may watch a slightly higher resolution version on Vimeo. In the event that you enjoyed this as far as I performed, you’ll also want to watch Crooks’ a yard of Parallel Paths. (via Booooooom)

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