An 8-Bit Instant Camera Made with a Gun, Game Boy, Camera, and Thermal Printer


Moscow-based singer Dmitry Morozov has established a unusual DIY digital camera unlike any we’ve seen before. It’s an 8-bit instant photo shooter created with an old Game Boy, a digital camera, a thermal printer, an Arduino board, as well as a gun.

Here’s a short video associated with camera for action:

Dubbed the “gbg-8,” the camera is employed by pointing the barrel at anything and pulling the trigger. It captures a photograph through camera, shows it on the Game Boy display, and delivers it to your thermal printer in which it’s imprinted onto receipt report.







Final December we shared another thermal printing instant camera project known as the PrintSnap. Neither that camera nor this one is available for purchase at the moment.

gbg-8 [vtol via Gizmodo]