Altopias: Speculative Art Explores Both black & Light Futures

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iceberg around coastline

The world of future-focused artwork sometimes analyze extreme results, but this musician’s visions express a persuasive array of options from catastrophic to positive, Dystopian to Utopian with other shades of grey in the middle.

dust storm in barcelona

no snow in alps

Very first think about the variety of bad results and what they would do to villages, cities and metropolitan areas throughout the world (as illustrated inside very first round of photos above and below) – built surroundings suffering from astonishing climatic modifications like temperature waves, ice storms and droughts.

venice run dried out

desert matches liquid

On the one hand, Evgeny Kazantsev views these disaster scenarios, from dust storms in Barcelona and villages within the Alps without snowfall to Venice gone dried out and oceans overrunning wilderness cities. But this is certainly just 1 / 2 of the storyline.

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Failed:There are no words in your article!

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