Aged Typeface Used for a Monument

Typeface for a World War II Monument by Akos Polgardi

From the Designer: I was commissioned to design a custom typeface for a World War II monument at Eötvös Loránd University commemorating the university’s students and professors who fell victim to the war. The names of the victims, along with their most important biographical data, were CNC-milled into bronze rods built into the facades of the school’s buildings at its Trefort Garden campus. The stripe is 1 cm in height and 200 meters in length, featuring the names of 198 victims in 9454 characters. 180 kg of bronze have been used.

A number of formal limitations imposed upon the design process by the technique of milling strongly determined the typeface’s character. As a result, Trefort Grotesk is a unicase, mono-line, condensed sans serif featuring open counters, some stenciled glyphs, and as few stroke joints as possible. Apart from type design I was responsible for designing various print collateral as well as the website of the project.


aged typeface monument 0021

aged typeface monument 003

aged typeface monument 004

aged typeface monument 005

aged typeface monument 001

aged typeface monument 006

aged typeface monument 007

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