A Recipe to Cooking Up The Perfect Kitchen: Achieving Ergonomics & Style in 5 Simple Steps kitchen renovation melbourne

1.Function is key

There is no perfect kitchen shape. However, a kitchen must always be practical and ergonomic. Design a layout based on practicality – make sure your fridge is accessible and that your dishwasher doesn’t block any paths. Ample bench space is also a must. If you’re dealing with an old kitchen, consult the kitchen renovation experts in Melbourne who can help you re-design a stylish and convenient space.

Beautiful Fitted Kitchen In Modern House

2.Utilise natural light

Natural light is your friend! Unlike other areas of the house, overhead lighting alone is insufficient in kitchens. You need more than backlight, as you don’t want to cast a shadow over your workspace. Plan to have big windows and an open floor plan to make the most of natural light. If natural light is scarce, under-cabinet kitchen lights are a handy way to position light to fall in front of you.

3.Safety first

If you have a family or young children, safety is especially important to consider when designing your dream kitchen. Consider safe design elements such as rounded bench tops, ovens located at adult-height and slip-resistant flooring. It may also be worth considering positioning the kitchen with a good visibility of back yards and play areas.

4.Ensure there’s enough storage space

Having enough storage space is pivotal to a functional kitchen design. Design your kitchen so white goods such as microwaves, toasters and hot water jugs have a home, and make sure there is plenty of bench space for prepping meals. Put drawers wherever possible – they can store up to 30% more items than shelves. Pull-out pantries, hidden drawers and pull-out corner solutions are a crafty way to make the absolute most of the space available to you.

5.Push the style boundaries of your kitchen needs

Get creative and have fun with your kitchen design! Think about what you like preparing most – is it stovetop, oven or fresh meals? Cater your kitchen design to your needs, but allow for experimentation. Don’t forget there is a plethora of designs when making your kitchen your own; try some new designs with flooring, ceiling, splashback and lighting.

The kitchen is a meeting point for the whole household. It’s where you go to refuel, relax and converse. It’s your destination first thing in the morning and the last place before bed at night. Take heed of these 5 helpful tips to ensure you design the best kitchen for your family.

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