9 Fabulous Handmade Soaps Recipes

Handmade soaps are great fun to make. Not only that, but making your own soap means that you know exactly what has gone into making them and you can rest assured that they have only natural ingredients. When it comes to making soaps your imagination knows no bounds. You can make fruity ones, citrus ones, rough ones, and smooth ones. If you’ve been wanting to make your own soaps we have compiled a list of soap recipes for you to try out.

1. Natural Soap

Natural Soap

For soap that is natural without the harsh chemicals so often used the only way to achieve that is to make your own, but where to start? This helpful guide by Lovely Greens has all the information you need to make your very first natural soap.

2. Homemade Soap with Herbs and Citrus

Homemade Soap with Herbs and Citrus

This handmade soap will make a great gift for a friend or family member as it’s easy to make and requires only three ingredients: herbs, citrus, and unscented glycerine soap. To make your own lovely smelling mint and citrus soap, check out Hello Glow for more information.

3. Chai Latte Soap

Chai Latte Soap

If you love your coffee to give you the kick start in the morning to get going then this soap is one for you. The chai latte soap is quite easy to make and smells lovely too. What better way to start the day then with a chai latte? To make your own, check out Soap Queen for more information.

4. Lemon Soap

Lemon Soap

To make an amazing soap that smells wonderful this lemon soap by A Pumpkin and a Princess will set your senses alight. It smells so good that you’ll have trouble trying to resist eating it. Why not make one for yourself today?

5. Pumpkin Soap

Homemade Pumpkin Soap

If you love pumpkins you’re going to love this handmade pumpkin soap. As with most soaps it takes time to dry and settle, but after a few days you’ll be in for a lovely treat with this handmade soap and will want to make more. To make your own, check out The Nerdy Farm Wife for more information.

6. Oatmeal Soap

Oatmeal Soap

If you’re after a soap that not only moisturises you, but also exfoliates too, then this lovely soap from Seven Clown Circus is the perfect soap for you. What could be better than smelling gorgeous and having super soft skin in the process too?

7. Castile Soap

Castile Soap

If you’re new to soap making this is the perfect handmade soap to get started with as it’s easy to make and will fill you with a sense of accomplishment at the end to make more. This is a mild pure soap and has a lovely feel and texture to it. To make your own, check out Savvy Homemade for more information.

8. Loofah Soap

Loofah Soap

This is a simple soap to make and requires just two steps with about three days’ downtime for the finished result. You’ll find at the end that you have a lovely soap that provides a nice scrub for your body to a refreshed feel to your body. To make your own, check out Humble Bee and Me for more information.

9. Shampoo Soap Bar

Shampoo Soap Bar

If you want to create a soap bar for your hair then this shampoo soap bar by Frugally Sustainable is the perfect soap for you. Why not treat your hair for a change to produce hair that is soft and shiny? You’ll be glad you did.