7 ingenious ways to upcycle your old gutters

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If you have just renovated your home and have a surplus of guttering, you might be reluctant to throw away all of that perfectly workable metal – given that it’s just going to be scrapped. It would be far better if you would be able to up-cycle the metal and get something new for your garden or home out of the leftovers, right? After all, your gutters have been made to hold water and be durable, so you’re definitely going to be able to do a whole host of things with these metal pieces. Take a look at these beautiful gutter crafts to give your old gutters a new lease on life.

Grow a gutter garden

A great thing to do if you’re short on space is to make a garden out of your old guttering. Not only are these long, thin metal beds going to be easy to install, but they’re deep enough to house herbs as well as things like lettuce and even strawberries. Begin by drilling some holes into the base of your gutters, and then either affix them to the side of your desk with some screws, or pop them on the outside of your window ledge if you’re in an apartment by adding some brackets. You can also use your gutters for a great place to start your seedlings off, because you can slide the seedlings – earth and all – out of one end of the gutter and straight into the ground.


Make old guttering into a storage container for the workshed

Guttering is a great way to store screws, drill bits, nuts and bolts, and because you can cut the pieces of gutter to size, or section them off, it means that you can customise the guttering to suit your needs. Look into a way to section off the gutter with a piece of cardboard or flexible plastic, and then simply affix the gutters to a wall in the work shed or bench and enjoy having everything at your fingertips.

Make a fantastic toy for kids

Make sure you have no sharp edges on the guttering before you give to kids to play with, but you can turn an old length of gutter into a great toy for kids – either a water luge or a marble run – and watch them enjoy sliding objects down the gutter. If you’re more handy with the tools, perhaps you could construct a luge with twists and turns!

Make a rustic jewellery holder

A nice piece of old guttering could double as a great holder for jewellery if you polish it up a little bit. Metal gutters are great for this as they lend a slightly aged look to your dressing table aesthetic. You simply need to cut the length of the guttering that you like, and either add in some mesh at the end to keep everything contained, or use fabric or wood cut to size.

Wall shelves

Many types of guttering are beautiful and ornate, and with a coat of paint in your chosen colour, guttering can be updated to make some sturdy and unique wall shelves.

An interesting light installation

Gutters can be used to house fluorescent bulbs or other kinds of lights, and the effect of the light spilling out the top of the gutter would be lovely when up against a wall or hanging from the ceiling. You could also use guttering as a way to hold tea light candles or citronella candles in the garden and enjoy the safety of knowing that the flame would be safe in the metal housing.

A shoe rack

Gutters are great for storing shoes once they have lived their life catching water on your roof – so upcycle them for a great space saving shoe rack. Simply bolt three or four lengths to a frame or directly to the wall, and then you can slot shoes in, toe or heel side down, to keep your entryway clear of clutter.

Remember to keep your gutters clean and in great condition, and when it’s time to update them be sure to consider some of these upcycled methods to give your gutters a new lease on life.

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