50 innovative Recycling Tips That Bring Trash to Life

Recycling material rocks !, but actually switching your old things and trash into some thing brand-new and helpful is even much more awesome! We like to share DIY recycling tasks, so if you’re searching for any fresh tips for reusing your old material, here is the post available!

When you yourself have a good idea for recycling stuff into one thing brand-new and of good use, include it for this list – bonus points if it’s anything you created or made by your self!

Old Bicycle Parts Turned Into Chandelier

Old Bike Parts Turned Into Chandeliersource

Old Suitcase Converted Into The Medication Cabinet

Bedframe Turned Into A Flower Gardensource

28. Vehicle Converted Into A Chicken Coop

Cat's Throne

Car Converted Into A-swing

Kitchen Lamp

Bedtime Tales: Nightstand Lamps Crafted From Vintage Stamps And Books. Andreasneuland.com

A Boat Produced From Soda Bottles

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