50+ Book-Inspired bits of jewellery For Bookworms

whenever a guide connects with you on a deeper level, the partnership does not end whenever you eventually place it down. For those who have already been fascinated by preferred greats like Rowling’s Harry Potter series or Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire, these awesome bits of jewellery are must-haves – a way to express our love for our preferred publications!

In the event that you place a necklace you prefer, you will find backlinks under every one that will help get a hold of where you’ll get it. Feel free to add various other book-themed necklaces you’ve found, too!

2. Hermione’s Time Turner Necklace

Hermione's Time Turner Necklacesource

4. Game Of Thrones Earpiece

Game Of Thrones Earpiecesource

5. Labyrinth Film And Book Door Knocker Earings

Labyrinth Movie And Book Door Knocker Earings


6. The Beautiful Wizard Of Oz Ring

The Beautiful Wizard Of Oz Ringsource

7. Lord Of Rings Earings

Lord Regarding The Rings Earingssource

8. Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4 Ring

Harry Potter system 9 3/4 Ringsource

9. Clockwork Orange Necklace

Clockwork Orange Necklacesource

11. Khaleesi And Khal Drogo Necklace

Khaleesi And Khal Drogo Necklacesource

12. Moby Dick Ring

14. Harry Potter’s Broom Necklace

Harry Potter's Broom Necklacesource


15. Minimal Prince Necklace

Little Prince Necklacesource

16. Alice-in-wonderland Ring

Alice In Wonderland Ringsource

17. Maleficent’s Wing Of Heart

Maleficent's Wing Of Heart

18. Ebony Beauty Pendant

Black Beauty Pendantsource

19. Chronicles Of Narnia Ring

Chronicles Of Narnia Ringsource

20. Divergent Bird Tattoo Necklace

Divergent Bird Tattoo Necklacesource

21. Merry Poppins Necklace

Merry Poppins Necklacesource

22. Harry Potter Spell Necklace

Harry Potter Spell Necklacesource

23. Secret Outdoors Key Necklace

Secret Garden Key Necklacesource

24. The Hobbit Miniature Green Small Book Necklace

The Hobbit Miniature Green Small Book Necklacesource

25. The Grisha Trilogy Necklace

The Grisha Trilogy Necklacesource

26. Sherlock Holmes Bracelet

Sherlock Holmes Braceletsource

27. Robin Hood’s Arrow Ring

Robin Hood's Arrow Ringsource

28. Winter Months Is Originating Game Of Thrones Ring

Winter Is Coming Game Of Thrones Ringsource

29. Harry Potter Bracelet

Harry Potter Braceletsource

30. Auryn Pendant- The Neverending Story

Auryn Pendant- The Neverending Storysource

31. Deathly Hallows Bracelet

Deathly Hallows Braceletsource

32. Little Females Necklace

minimal Women Necklacesource

33. Fahrenheit Necklace

Fahrenheit Necklacesource

34. Hagrid’s Pink Umbrella

Hagrid's Pink Umbrellasource

35. Franz Kafka – I’m A Cage, Looking For A Bird.

Franz Kafka - I Will Be A Cage, Searching For A Bird.

36. Book Of Shadows Miniature Ring.

Book Of Shadows Miniature Ring.source

37. Alice In Wonderland Inspired Necklace

Alice-in-wonderland Motivated Necklace

38. The Small Prince Necklace

The Small Prince Necklacesource

40. The Shining Necklace

The Shining Necklacesource

41. The Eye Of Sauron Amber Bracelet

The Attention Of Sauron Amber Braceletsource

42. Customized Necklace Of Preferred Guide

Customized Necklace Of Your Favorite Booksource

43. Minimal Prince Bracelet

Little Prince Braceletsource

44. Extended Live Hedwig!

Long Live Hedwig!

45. Hermionee’s Moto Bangles

Hermionee's Moto Banglessource

46. Cather In The Rye Necklace

Cather Into The Rye Necklacesource

47. Fault Within Stars Necklace

Fault In Our Stars Necklacesource

48. Frankenstein Lightening Bolt Earrings

Frankenstein Lightening Bolt Earrings

49. Quotes Dangle Pendant Earrings

Quotes Dangle Pendant Earringssource


50. Animal Farm Necklace

Animal Farm Necklacesource

51. Sherlock Holmes Pipe Earings

Sherlock Holmes Pipe Earingssource

52. Maze Runner Necklace

Maze Runner Necklacesource

53. Thorin Wax Seal Ring

Thorin Wax Seal Ringsource

54. 300 Spartans

300 Spartans

55. Alice-in-wonderland Inspired Necklace

Alice-in-wonderland Motivated Necklace Https://www.etsy.com/listing/224779348/alice-in-wonderlan

56. Mr. Darcy’s Heart Pride And Prejudice Necklace

Mr. Darcy's Heart Pride And Prejudice Necklacesource

57. Brave Bracelet – Eleven Feathers Jewellery And Treasures

Brave Bracelet - 11 Feathers Jewellery And Treasures

58. The Hunger Games Catniss Bow Necklace

The Hunger Games Catniss Bow Necklacesource

59. Hobbit Hill In Addition To Dragon Necklace

Hobbit Mountain As Well As The Dragon Necklacesource

60. Harry Potter’s Deathly Hallows Necklace

Harry Potter's Deathly Hallows Necklace

61. The White Rabbit – Alice-in-wonderland Book Webpage Brooch

The White Rabbit - Alice-in-wonderland Book Webpage Broochsource

63. Alice-in-wonderland Bracelet

Alice In Wonderland Bracelet

64. Nevermore!


65. Game Of Thrones Hodor Ring

Game Of Thrones Hodor Ringsource

66. Trojan Horse – Homer’s Iliad

Trojan Horse - Homer's Iliad

67. Expecto Patronum Necklace

Expecto Patronum Necklace

68. Harry Potter Hogwarts Litnerd Necklace

Harry Potter Hogwarts Litnerd Necklacesource

69. Outlander Dragonfly Bracelet

Outlander Dragonfly Bracelet

70. Flexible Jane Eyre Report Rings

Adjustable Jane Eyre Statement Ringssource

71. Read Instead.

Read alternatively.

72. Alice-in-wonderland – The Cheshire Cat Necklace

Alice In Wonderland - The Cheshire Cat Necklacesource

73. Glow At Night Deathly Hallows Pendant

Glow In The Dark Deathly Hallows Pendantsource

74. Zen Alchemy Litnerd Necklace

Zen Alchemy Litnerd Necklacesource

75. Snow White Charm Necklace

Snow-white Charm Necklace

76. You Realize Nothing John Snow Necklace

You Realize Absolutely Nothing John Snow Necklacesource

77. Harry Potter Motivated Charm Necklace

Harry Potter Inspired Charm Necklace

78. Romeo And Juliet Pearl Drop Necklace

Romeo And Juliet Pearl Drop Necklacesource

79. The Little Prince Pendant

The Tiny Prince Pendant

80. Hr Geiger Inspired Precious Jewelry By Malvoye Companies On Etsy

Hr Geiger Motivated Precious Jewelry By Malvoye Enterprises On Etsy

81. Alice In Wonderland Necklace

Alice In Wonderland Necklacesource

82. Harry Potter Motivated Lightning Bolt Scar Necklace In Silver

Harry Potter Inspired Lightning Bolt Scar Necklace In Silversource


83. True Blood Litnerd Necklace

Real Blood Litnerd Necklacesource

84. White Rabbit- Alice-in-wonderland

White Rabbit- Alice In Wonderland

85. Sheep – The Small Prince

Sheep - The Small Prince

86. Hogar The Brave, Handmade Brooch Created By Jellyfishhandmade

Hogar The Brave, Handmade Brooch Produced By Jellyfishhandmade

87. Queen Of Hearts-alice In Wonderland

Queen Of Hearts-alice In Wonderland

88. The days Are Screaming For Satire — the Kurt Tucholsky Necklace

The Occasions Tend To Be Screaming For Satire — the Kurt Tucholsky Necklace


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