5 stunningly impressive pocket-sized gadgets

Nowadays companies manufacture smart electronic products presuming their products should be small enough to be carried in a pocket. Modern day gadgets are characterized not only by their effectiveness but also by their reduced and compact size. They’re so tiny that they’ll fit in your pocket, because staying organized every time wherever you are, is the prime need of the time and these gadgets do exactly the same for you. Have a look at these five amazing pocket-sized gadgets that will make you a Mr. Perfectionist on the go.

Fish Finder:

Fish Finder locator

Thinking about having an outing at the river side? Now you don’t have to wait spending hours of time looking for the right spot. The Fish Finder locator is a helpful gadget that works on sonar technology. It sends sound wave signals to the device giving exact location, structure details, composition as well as its depth below to help you decide where to drop your bait to catch the best fish. The gadget is very simple to use for amateurs and professionals alike. It comes with a nine-meter cable and a sonar sensor.

Jorno Portable Bluetooth Keyboard:

Jorno Portable Bluetooth Keyboard

Mobilephones are increasingly powerful and easily able to handle word processing. The new portable Bluetooth keyboard from Jorno is a unique folding keyboard that makes typing on iPhones, iPads and android devices more easy and productive as well. It comes with 5-way fold helpful to carry in your pocket. It connects wirelessly to mobile devices including desktops and tablets so as to carry and keep your keyboard anywhere at ease.

Pebble Smartstick Charger:

Pebble Smartstick Charger

You never know when your battery will need a backup. This Pebble Smartstick Charger is lightweight and small emergency battery pack charger very useful gadget especially when you are away from mains power supply. This portable charger will charge your mobile devices that use mini or macro USB on the go. It comes with four connectors compatible with all major brands like Samsung, Nokia, HTC, iPhones, iPads etc.

Smart Phone Projector:

Smart Phone Projector 2

Mobile phones have been commonly and greatly used to record videos and take photographs. Now you can enjoy all those viral videos and memorable moments without crowding around your tiny Smartphone by using this Smart Phone Projector. The smart phone projector lets you display the footage on any surface. This device that featured modern technology but with a vintage feel is made up of cardboard  it has 10x magnifying lens to increase the video size to give much better viewing experience anywhere at your ease and comfort.

Wireless Touch Speakers:

Wireless Touch Speakers

When you’re too busy and got trapped in many wires, now is the time to bring some music into the atmosphere. These wireless touch speakers will help you overcome the pain by giving you some relaxation and peace of mind. It is one of the very first devices that have used wireless NFA (Near Field Audio) technology, which is compatible with most of the androids and other phones. Just keep your mobile device on the top of these wireless touch speakers and feel the magic as these speakers uses your device frequency to amplify the sound promptly without any extra fuss.


All the amazing gadgets mentioned above are amazing so much so that they will make your life easy, comfortable and better.

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