19 Disturbing Birthday Cakes that’ll prompt you to want You Weren’t Born

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Just a card the following year thanks. Warning: Contains some NSFW desserts.


1. This bloody nightmare.

This bloody nightmare.imgur.com


2. This piece of shit.

3. This delicious cat’s litter because evidently that is how you state HBD these days.

4. This senior citizen’s dream.

5. This spunktacular creation.

6. This cake that is definitely bad and understands it.

7. This provide you with most surely could refuse.

8. This turd-filled lavatory.

9. This crappy-ass creation.

10. This vomit-inducing mess.

11. Danny Fucking Devito.

12. This cake having a feeling of adventure.

13. This cake made especially for twins.

14. This obvious declaration regarding your waning relevance in life.

15. This springtime lamb that has experienced at the hands of its manufacturer.

16. This not very friendly reminder.

17. This fungal foot.

18. This Absolute Atrocity.


Failed:There are no words in your article!

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