17 Aluminum Foil Hacks Which Will Make Your Life Easier

Aluminum foil does more than simply wrap up meals. It’s a question product that will do everything from polishing gold, eliminating static into the dryer, and even remove corrosion.

It’s so versatile we’ve develop 17 aluminum foil hacks that will create your life easier. Love!

1. Use aluminum foil being a dryer sheet
2. Use aluminum foil to polish gold
3. Protect your door handles while painting with aluminum foil
4. Pull corrosion from metal with aluminum foil and liquid
5. Seal plastic bags with aluminum foil plus an metal
6. definitely get rid of cooking oil with aluminum foil
7. run-out of AA battery packs? Use AAA electric batteries and a little aluminum foil
8. Use aluminum foil to wash your barbeque grill without chemicals
9. Use aluminum foil to curl pin-straight locks through a hair straightener
10. Use aluminum foil to keep your bananas from browning too rapidly
11. utilize aluminum foil to safeguard your cake crust
12. Scrub stubborn pots and pans with aluminum foil
13. make use of aluminum foil to sharpen your scissors
14. go hefty furnishings with aluminum foil
15. reduce your work time in half with aluminum foil
16. Reheat soggy pizza in the stove through a frying pan and aluminum foil
17. require a makeshift channel? Use aluminum foil.

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