11 Unique Valentines for Kids to Make

Handmade Valentines are a fun way for children of all ages to show their appreciation for their friends. This roundup showcase a variety of clever DIY projects, including several candy-free treats for parents who want to limit the amount of sugar their little ones consume.

1. Lollipop Valentine Cards

lollipop valentine

Little ones who enjoy posing for silly photos will appreciate this clever Valentine that makes it look like your child is handing his or her friend a yummy lollipop.  Design Mom has the instructions for this fun project.

2. Love Bug Fruit Cups


Fruit cups decorated to look like adorable love bugs are the perfect alternative Valentine for kids who don’t like chocolate. Get the instructions at The Melrose Family.

3. Robot Valentines


Kids will likely need some adult assistance making these robots, but the results are sure to please. Head over to Crafty Morning to learn more.

4. iPod Valentine

ipod valentine

Tweens will love this clever candy iPod Valentine from Home by Heidi Each treat requires a box of candy hearts and two Hershey’s Kisses to make.

5. Color Your Heart Out Valentine

valentine crayon craft

Kids can use a heart shaped silicone baking mold to turn their broken crayons into cute new drawing tools for their friends. The Nerd’s Wife has the instructions for this thrifty upcycling project, as well as a printable Valentine card for kids to attach their crayons to.

6. Friendship Bracelet Valentine

friendship bracelet valentine

Older children who enjoy making friendship bracelets can use this free printable to turn their creations into personalized Valentines for their classmates. Dandee Designs has the details.

7. Rainbow Loom Valentine


If your child prefers making bracelets on the Rainbow Loom, this free printable Valentine from Coffee Cups and Crayons is the perfect choice for celebrating on February 14. Use cute patterned washi tape to attach the bracelets to the cards.

8. Paper Airplane Valentine


This cute and crafty DIY Valentine doubles as a fun toy for kids to play with. Get the printable at No Biggie.

9. Love Bug Pencil Toppers


Pencils with silly handmade toppers make wonderful Valentine’s Day treats for children of all ages. Head over to Pepper Scraps for a video tutorial and free printable to help you complete this project.

10. Bouncy Ball Valentines

ball valentine project

For a quick and easy last minute DIY Valentine, add a cute printable topper to a bag with a colorful bouncy ball.  Less Ordinary Designs has the free printable for this project.

11. Eyes for You Valentine


Toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy adding self-adhesive wiggle eyes to the candy and treat toppers in this cleverly titled, “I only have eyes for you!” DIY Valentine. Get the details at Landeelu.